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Feedback From Our Clients

It makes us so happy to see the number of positive reviews Starting Lineup Barber gets on a regular basis. The number of referrals and repeat customers is also proof that we are performing an outstanding service for our clients.

Testimonials: Reviews

Anthony D. | Visalia, CA

Elite Yelp Reviewer, 12/30/2019

* * * * *

A trial relocation back to my home town has lead me to have to find a new place to get my ever graying hair cut. Once again, I took to the Yelp to look for a salon here in the Central Valley.  Alas, I was unable to find a salon with any Yelp reviews worth the chance, but I did come across the Starting Line-Up Barbershop.  

Let me say that I have not been in a barbershop in probably 2+ decades, but I'm glad to have found this one.  I booked my first appointment online with Roger and received amazing treatment.  My hair can be difficult to cut due to cowlicks, and a bizarre growth pattern, but Roger handled all of it like a champ.  The cut was perfect, the service was exceptional and I'm glad to have found my new hair place.  

This is a very cool barbershop. No frills, unlike the salons of SoCal that I was used too, but at the end of the day, a great haircut is what I want.  I just had my second appointment this morning and it was even better than the first.  

Reasonable prices with monthly memberships available.  Great service. Clean space.  Great music.  Discount for booking online.  Yelp check-in deals, too!  #score

Samantha B. | Tulare, CA

Elite Yelp Reviewer, 7/16/2019

* * * * *

My son is 2 1/2 years old and it's been so hot this summer that I needed to get him a haircut from any place that does children. Lucky me I found Roger on YELP!! He is the sweetest, most polite, and patient man I have ever met. He was so good with my son..I couldn't believe son took to him right away. He definitely has a good calm vibe about him, and his son too. I'm just so impressed with the service I received, I'm still literally in shock!!! Very clean inside, definitely loved that. Located right inside the shopping center with Fugazzis and the Evolution gym. Im definitely coming back here for the rest of my sons haircuts!!

Lily R. | Exeter, CA

Yelp Reviewer, 7/18/2016

* * * * *

Best place Ever! This place is a gem.
The owner is a fashionista, a great host and sooo good doing hair, my little son loves to go with him. The new shop is beyond expectations, out of one of those places in LA or San Francisco. A must here in Tulare!

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